Veterans Assisted Living Out Reach


VALOR was co-founded in 2008 by Veterans Mark Baylis and Tony Cross as an organization for Veterans to help other Veterans to navigate through the process of recovering and rebuilding. VALOR’s long-term vision is to be able to provide health clinics, homeless shelters, transition homes and recovery sanctuaries for Veterans in need. Until the organization gets the support and funding it needs to make these dreams come true, Baylis and his team of commitment volunteers, have been reaching out to Veterans to provide shelter, food, supplies and access to healthcare. In addition, VALOR has spearheaded the creation of a specialized program to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) called Veterans Unstoppable.  The three-phase program spread over several months is facilitated by Veterans for Veterans to foster healthy life adjustments.


VALOR Clinic Foundation provides assistance accessing benefits, and shelter to Veterans with limited or no access to care and shelter to Veterans who due to health or means are unable to find or keep shelter of their own and Post Traumatic Stress resources to Veterans through our Veterans Unstoppable program. To improve the lives of our nations Veterans. We strive to provide nation wide integrated medical care in the future.



Valor : A Hand Up on the Home Front

The time between 2nd and 3rd grade is a very crucial time in the development of a student.  Peer reviewed studies have found that if a student falls behind in their reading ability at this level, they have an increased chance of becoming discouraged in studying, reading and learning.  Eventually, this leads to a decline in grades.  J. Simpson Africa Lodge recognizes this critical point in the lives of young students and has created the program, “Books for Bikes”, for this very reason.


We recognize that these students currently have reading requirements that they must fulfill. In order to present an incentive and assist the students in achieving an attainable goal with life enhancing results, the Masons of J. Simpson Africa Lodge are providing to one boy and one girl that complete the reading requirements of this program a brand new bicycle and helmet!


This program is provided at no cost to the school or the kids involved.  Basically this is the program: A student needs to read three (3) or more “grade level” books approved by their teacher within a one (1) month time frame and complete a book report (short one page form we have created asking a few questions about their book) on each.  All of those students that comply with this will have his and/or her name entered into a drawing. After drawing the winning names, the two bikes will be presented to the winners at a school assembly with the students’ parents in attendance.  Students are not limited to only three books to have their name entered.  In fact, we encourage them to read as many as they can.  That is why we have decided to put no cap on the “one ticket for every three books read” requirement.


This program is being piloted at B.F. Morey Elementary School on Main Street in Stroudsburg this year



Books for Bikes 

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